What Sunisa's Win Means for Hmong People

Gymnastic fanatics and non-fanatics alike, have seen Hmong-American gymnast Sunisa Lee, making waves with her recent win at the 2019 U.S. National Gymnastics Championships. 

And ever since, it seems our social media feeds, and hearts, have been raving her name across all platforms. 

We’ve been seeing a lot of firsts from our Hmong community in the past few years….first Gerber baby, first judge, first female firefighter, first dancer, first…

But, Sunisa’s first Hmong gymnast win brought on a different feeling from the rest and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.

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Being Hmong & Finding Healthy Love

I think all our lives our parents have reminded us that part of “success meant finding the one and settling down, and with the help (or not help) of relatives, we’ve heard a million renditions of what constitutes as “the one” even though often times, neither our parents nor relatives have really reached their own relationship idealisms, or more so, their idealisms do not match the standards of our new generation.

Because many of us were raised on relationship expectations that put us into boxes as “man and woman,” and as “dictating and submissive.”

And despite us running as far from it as we can, it still takes us a lifetime to shake off the examples we’ve seen in marriage and relationships.

Causing us to perhaps wonder if what we are asking for is too much, too unrealistic, and too rare.

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Self-Awareness: The Foundation of Self-Love

Self-love is trending more than ever, especially with Valentine’s coming up. Nonetheless, I believe it will never be overrated

Because self-love is so much more than just face masks and bubble baths. It is the key to a happy and healthy life. It equips you with the healthy self-esteem to have a peaceful and strong mindset, to endure adversity, to know your worth and the people deserving of your presence, and the flexibility to be genuinely happy in your highs, and the strength to bounce back from your lows. Self-love allows us to be kinder and more compassionate to ourselves, and in turn, it teaches us to be kinder and more compassionate to others

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